The media wants your daughters to believe they are worthless

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

This is what the media is suggesting is appropriate. This is Teen Vogue, it's literally in the name of the magazine, there is no doubt who their target audience is.

With a complete lack of Christian culture in today's society, the prevalence of modesty and class is being cheated.

Young girls are brainwashed to think their value is only found in how sexy they are or how good they are at sex. That their value is found in a man's opinion of them.

They are not being taught that they are created in the image of The Lord, that they are precious and valuable, worthy of dignity and respect.

It is a very sad time we are living in, when the media, and the left are supporting that a woman's identity is only found in her ability to abort her unborn child.

That is anti-feminism.

That is the spirit of The Anti-Christ. Good is not bad, and Bad is not good. Do not be deceived.

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