Appalachian Pride!

Good Morning Northeast Tennessee! Its a GREAT day to be a Volunteer!!

#southernproud #southernhospitality

We all know it's a blessing to be born in the USA, but not everyone in America gets to be born in Appalachia!! Amen?!

We shoot guns and ride 4-wheelers to celebrate Easter and family get togethers. We eat deviled eggs and say our prayers before we fall asleep. We go hiking, hunting, fishing, and swimmin cause we understand the simple pleasures in life. We borrow ketchup from our neighbors and let our kids climb trees. We give to the needy and offer kindness to the greedy. We are a special folk, we share a kindred spirit that connects us through these mountians and allows us to perserve and persevere. I am proud to be an American, but I am more proud of being an Appalachain.

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#guitars #jesus and #sweettea -By God.



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